Project Description

Ford Canada Corporate Sponsorship Campaign

There are die-hard hockey fans. And there are friends and family members of die-hard fans who have no idea what’s going on. We did what no other brand in the market had done, and acknowledged the non-fans.

Besides cheeky posters, we also created digital IOU’s that fans could share to non-fans (and vice versa) on social media, posters with a digital translation, and mobile notifications.

During hockey games, most fans get annoyed if their clueless friend asks a million questions during the game. That’s why Ford is assisting the non-fan. Throughout the arena, Ford as placed assets to help educate. Before seeing the game, posters that appear to be generic hockey ads have a secret double meaning. Non-fans are prompted to pull out their phone and use augmented reality to reveal what the translation of the ad is. Ford also decided to partner up with Leafs mobile and send live push-notifications to decode what’s going on. It’s discreet and let’s face it, if you’re not a fan, you’re checking your phone a lot during the game anyway.

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